A Blessing In Disguise

By Joseph J. Mazzella • December 14, 2021

It was the day after Thanksgiving. Gray clouds covered the sky. The air was biting. The temperature was below freezing. It was spitting snow. And the internet was out. Now I have found that having the internet out can be a pain in the butt or a blessing in disguise. I decided that day to make it the latter, work off my turkey tummy, and get a few things done.

After the regular housework was done then I pulled the air conditioning units out of the windows on my daughter’s and my houses and put them up for the winter. Next I walked into the storage closet and pulled out the Christmas decorations and the artificial tree. I unpacked my Nana’s Nativity scene with a smile and placed it lovingly on my old record player. Then I set up my Christmas statues of Santa and Dickens’ carolers on the mantle along with the Christmas angel. Next I unpacked, assembled and put up the tree. After that I pulled out the lights, tinsel and ornaments. I put each one on the tree gently and with great care while my son played Christmas music and decorated his own room.

In no time at all everything was done. I looked at the tree and then outside again. This time, however, it didn’t seem so cold, gray, and gloomy. Instead it felt warm and Christmas seemed to be in the air. Even the snowflakes floating in the wind felt more like a gift from Heaven than a curse from nature. I heard “Away in a Manger” coming from my son’s CD player and hummed along. I could feel God’s love too all around me on this Wintery day. I walked back over to my Nana’s Nativity scene and gently touched the baby Jesus. Then I thanked God for this day, for this life, and for the internet being out.

This life certainly can seem full of pains in the butt at times. It is up to us, though, to make each one a blessing in disguise. May you do so with love each and every day of your life.


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