Proud Of My Mum

By Zoe • December 10, 2021

While my mum Andrea was out shopping with my grandma today at our local shopping centre, she noticed a lady laying down on the chairs (with her purse on her lap) in the food court. She walked past but something didn’t feel right to her so she went back. She asked the lady if she was ok and the lady said she felt a little sick. Mum told the lady that she was taking her purse off her lap so that no one could grab it. She also told another lady to watch while she went through her handbang to find the ladies phone and try to contact her husband.

I’m going to miss a lot here because I wasn’t there and don’t know the exact timeline of events so I’ll cut to the end…

It turns out that this lady is diabetic. She was basically going in and out of consciousness. Security and the pharmacist came to help while waiting for an ambulance. Before my mum stopped and while she was there, not one other person stopped to see if the lady or my mum needed any help.

To say that I’m proud of my mum, would be an understatement! Who knows what might have happened if my mum wasn’t there to help this woman.


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