Barefoot In The Grass

By Joseph J. Mazzella • October 9, 2021

It was officially the last day of Summer but it felt more like Fall. The air was finally cooling down. The first leaves were changing colors on the trees and some were even dropping to the ground. The hummingbirds had flown south for the Winter and I was seeing fewer bees and butterflies. The sky above me was turning gray and sprinkles of rain were falling down. The wind was blowing and I could smell that a heavier rain was on its way. I walked inside and kicked off my shoes but then noticed the overflowing trash can in the corner. “I’d better take this down before it starts to storm”, I thought to myself.

I grabbed the bag and looked down at my shoes. Then I smiled and headed outside without them. It felt so good to be barefoot in the grass again. Even though it was cold and already wet, the lush, green carpet felt alive under my feet. I smiled through the sprinkles and I could feel the child inside me giggle. It had been awhile since I’d let him out to play. My aging and achy body may not have felt like dancing in the rain but my heart and soul sure did. I looked up, laughed, and thanked God for the day. It didn’t matter if it was cool and damp outside. My heart was warm. My soul was light. And my child within was enjoying the last day of Summer.

Why is it that we keep our inner children locked up so much? Why don’t we let them out to play more often? It is they who truly live in the Now. It is they who embrace the joy that each day brings. It is they who love the most purely and unconditionally. It is they who bring us closer to God and allow us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. ,p>The next time you get a chance to walk barefoot in the grass then don’t let it go by. That child inside of you wants to come out and play. That child inside of you wants to come out and love. Don’t always be an adult. Let yourself be a happy, joyful Child of God instead.


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