Hand-Picked Flowers

By Meaghan • August 24, 2021

There was an elderly lady standing in the cold (Melbourne weather) outside the back of the supermarket, she was holding a basket of flowers.

"Would you like some flowers, they are $3?" she asked me as I was walking past and I politely responded "No thank-you" as I walked away and went inside the supermarket.

I was walking around the supermarket searching for the one thing that I was needing to buy and thinking of that lady, standing in the cold holding her basket of flowers.

Visualizing the beautiful flowers I had admired, her polite quiet voice and kindness. I wondered about her unknown story of standing in the cold with her basket.

I've had my own personal struggles, I've had to budget for everything and I appreciate even though $3 is a lot for me atm, like many of us all and probably for her too. But it wasn't my first thought when she had asked me about buying her flowers.

My first thought was I don't have the cash but not as an excuse. I've not carried cash with me for a few years now and I can only guess that not many of us do?

When I went to the register to pay with my card I had asked for $3 cash out. The staff member questioned me about the $3 and I felt anxious about it quickly tried to remember the money I had in my account at the same time she had pressed the button to process it. I had mentioned that I wanted to buy flowers from the lady who was selling them outside.

Sigh of relief I was glad to see it all had been accepted by the machine and the staff member handed me the $3. I walked away and around the corner of the supermarket to the lady....

"Hi sorry I didn't have the cash on me, yes I would like to buy some of your flowers."

As I had a closer look in her basket I saw the bunch of flowers I had admired briefly during our first encounter. I had also seen two small pots of plants that were beautifully loved and healthy although I'm not a green thumb and she told me about them and their names. I chose the bunch of flowers I had first sighted and I hadn't realised till that moment...they were gathered and held together with foil.

*personal and hand picked, PERFECT!

I gave her $3 as she hands me the flowers. I was surprised she then randomly asked me if I wanted change? I'm only guessing by her behaviour she was embarrassed and I told her no you said they were $3 they're beautiful thank you so much.

As I walked away I was second guessing myself hoping that it was understood she had mentioned they were $3 and I was wishing I could have been able to offer her more? But as I turned back to her she thanked me again and we gave each other well wishes for our week ahead.

I've been thinking about her for several hours now...wished I could have done/given more... Hoping that she had someone else walk up to her who has a green thumb, more knowledge of plants than me and brought her two other plants.

I'm thankful for the experience it was a good self reminder/valuable lesson that even though I wanted to do more, I can only do my best. We are all going through our own problems/struggles but kindness is free and no matter how little we can do/give for others just being kind.. it will always be appreciated!

I have this beautiful hand picked bunch of flowers to look at and admire...how much kindness is appreciated for us all!


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