An Old Wet Dog

By Joseph J. Mazzella • July 27, 2021

It was several years ago. The air was cool, rain was falling, and it felt more like early Spring than early Summer. I was sitting at the desk I am sitting at now working on my old computer when I saw him. He was an old, wet dog walking up the hill to my house. His furry face was a grizzly white. The leather collar around his neck was faded, worn, and tagless. I could see the ribs sticking out of his sides and knew that he hadn’t had a full meal in many days. My heart ached for him and I jumped into action. I grabbed an old bowl from my kitchen, filled it with my own dogs’ kibble and ran outside.

The old dog eyed me warily. I could see he didn’t completely trust strangers. I called him gently, put the bowl down and took a few steps back. I kneeled down in the wet grass and waited. Finally, the old boy sniffed the dog food and crept forward. His own smell preceded him. He hadn’t had a bath in a long time either. I wandered if he was abandoned or just lost. He bent down his head and rapidly devoured the contents of the bowl. Then for just a moment he gave me a happy little smile. I told him to stay where he was and I would bring him some more to eat. I hurried inside, refilled the bowl, grabbed a leash and went back out but he was already gone. I had wanted to rescue him and give him a home but I guess God had other plans. Instead we just shared a meal and a moment of love. I sent up a little prayer for his protection to Heaven and went back inside my home.

Everything we do in this life has purpose. Everything we do in this life has meaning. Every act of kindness makes us who we are. It doesn’t matter either if it is for a person or an old, wet dog. Every moment of love you create is a treasure in Heaven’s eyes. Every choice for love you make is a gift to God. May your life be full of them.


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