You Can Dine Out On A Good Story

By Les Close • July 12, 2021

I was sitting at a social distance near a couple from nearby High River and we got to swapping "feel good stories" at The Little New York Bistro in Longview, Alberta.

I told them about a nice woman who was ahead of me in line at a grocery store who asked me to go ahead of her since I only had 3 items. I told the woman that I would but that she has now placed a terrible burden upon me. She asked why and I told her "Now I feel compelled to do something nice for a stranger and that's just not who I am." We both got the giggles and I thanked her for her kindness.

The couple and I both finished our meals at the same time and Mike got up to pay their bill at the cash register. I looked at him as he passed by and said: "Don't even THINK about paying for my dinner!"

After he left the Cashier, I got up to settle my bill and the Cashier said "That man that just left paid for your meal"

I smile every time I think of those 2 from High River!!


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