By Nicoletta • June 15, 2021

Today I felt what it's like to receive a random act of kindness. I had placed an item for giveaway on Facebook Marketplace. The inundation of messages started & so I began combing through to find the beginning of them. The first message was from a lady named Vijayata, she was kind, she said good morning & proceeded to give me a suitable pick up window as I had requested in the ad.

We proceeded to make pick up arrangements & I left the item outside for collection as my daughter was soon due for a breastfeed. As I so often do, I left my phone in the kitchen while filling up my water bottle before the feed. I missed the 'I'm on the way' message, I missed the 'I have arrived' message.

After I finished feeding, I put my daughter down & rushed to look for my phone knowing full well time had clearly gotten away from me. The last message from her said thank you & she had left something outside for me, I was immediately taken aback.

Vijayata, this beautiful, kind & generous stranger had left me this package ❤

I was honestly shocked, I am often the one giving & not the one receiving. But today that all changed. Today an amazing human being showed me true kindness & I will forever be grateful. When my daughter is old enough to understand, I can tell her the story of a generous lady named Vijayata. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


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