S.O Esther

By Judith Maduhu • May 26, 2021

So the other day I went out to hand over my job application letter to a certain company. Before setting out I asked God to help me meet good people who will be kind to me all along. So I reached the place and at the entrance was greeted by a very charming lady who was the security officer there, I smiled at her and she smiled back, that was a huge relief to be honest. I told her why i was there, she said no worries and that I should just leave my envelope, she would hand it over to the HR. As she spoke I thought of asking her if I could go see the HR in person, after asking her that she kindly told me usually they only allow people with appointments to see the HR but then she said, 'let me try calling the office to ask if they can see you' (this really touched my heart, it was very thoughtful of her), and after the phone call I was allowed to go see the HR. The HR was also very kind and received my applications.

I'm still waiting on the feedback but no matter what happens I will forever be grateful for the kind gesture of the lady, her name is Esther, I don't know if she will ever get to read this but wherever you are Esther just know you really made my day, she even went an extra mile to advice me on not giving up hope that everything was going to be fine, if at all I couldn't get a chance in that company, there are a lot more opportunities that will always come my way.

It is not easy to get such kind gestures nowadays but in the midst of it all we should always be kind to all people not only the ones we know, it really makes a big difference!

Also our good Lord always listens to our humble prayers even if its just a mere thought, He never disappoints those who hope in Him..


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