Pay It Forward

By A Friend • May 10, 2021

So yesterday I went to the gas station to fill up my bike with my last $20 and found a $20 in the ATM. I don't like taking anything that is not mine, so I turned it in to the cashier. I was a little skeptical that she wouldn't just keep it, but after a very good interaction with her I was yeah she won't take

I live about 30 min from said gas station so I told her that I probably wouldn't be back. She tells me that she would be there until about 11 am the next day because the over night just called out a little bit ago. I was like oh ok, I'll come back then.

I get up and ride 30 min to the gas station, and she is still there. She hands me the $20 and says no one came back for it. I was like it could have been their last 20 how fucked would that have been for me to just keep it.

Then I go to a local coffee shop to get a coffee and some dolma. He said they were out of dolma and that they had a busy weekend. I was like aww man, but good for you guy! I said I would take a baklava since they didn't have dolma. He goes hold on a sec, and checks the fridge... He yells "Momma loves you today, there's one left. I swear to god I looked earlier and there wasn't any, and I look just now and there is one left." I was super excited. So then he rings me up for all three.. I was like oh damn do I have enough? Cause tourist town and all. It was going to be $16.. oof.

I was like um could I just get the dolma and the coffee, that literally is all I have left? He was like the dolma and coffee is $10, but if this is all you have left I'll give you the other $10 back and it will be on me...

I immediately said no keep the $10 he asked three times if I was sure, to which I said yes I'm sure. Then he says the baklava is on him. So as I'm eating I was thinking about the series of events and the $20. Now I have been to this coffee shop one other time maybe 10 months ago and I remembered seeing a sign they had up. If you don't have money to eat and are hungry come on in we'll make you some food. I had the sudden thought that the $10 dollars wasn't for me, it was to help someone else so I put the 10 in the tip jar.


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