Kindness At A Pedestrian Crossing

By A Friend • April 12, 2021

At a pedestrian crossing today...there was an old man on a walking frame, struggling to cross

He had to take roughly ten small steps to equal one normal step...

The crossing had an island in the middle.

He was about 3/4 across one side ... all the drivers were waiting patiently for him to cross... Then a young gentleman going the opposite way pulled over and parked and went to help the elderly gent

Everybody in the cars waved their appreciation as the pair gently made it to the middle where the the younger gentleman knelt on one knee to provide a rest stop for the older gentleman with his other knee.

Personally at this point I was in tears as I drove past and called out thanks mate...and both of you have a great day... The most genuine, caring moment I have witnessed in many a year.

Bless them both.


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