Foodservice Worker Hand Sews 300 Scarves In 2 Weeks For Local Students In Need

By Alejandra Jauregui • March 19, 2021

During the freezing winter months at Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan, Lin Collins - a foodservice worker with the college for 20 years – was busy keeping students warm with love…and 300 handmade scarfs!

What started as an idea to help a few students in need quickly turned into something bigger. Over a two week period, Lin worked with her employer, Chartwells Higher Education, to get enough fabric to hand sew 300 scarfs for any students who needed them. And they were needed; at one giveaway event on campus, nearly 100 scarfs were gone in less than 30 minutes.

Lin says “I will always do what I can to help a student who has a need,” and boy has she: she’s housed students during times of need, thrown graduation parties for them, mended and given them clothing, helped single pregnant women, and more. She prays her seven grandchildren will find people to help them along their paths in life, so she helps those in her path.

Lin truly is an incredible woman.


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