Happy 2014: How To Be A Supermodel, Superwife, Supermommy, Superhuman Now And Embrace Your GODDESSY

By Stephanie Adams-Nicolai • January 5, 2014

To the outside world, I am a model, author, investor, and business owner. But at home, I am a superhuman, an archangel type superhero who does it all...but believe me, I'm no angel...

You don't have to be a supermodel to be a superwife and supermommy. With a lot of practice, I have become superb at maintaining the happiness in my world...and you can too. Remember, it all starts with you, so let's start with what you need to do for you:

Always take care of yourself, for your self mainly, and your husband will continue to see the beautiful woman (inside and out) that he married. Taking care of yourself entails mind, body, and spirit, therefore mental, physical, and spiritual dedication.

As individuals, there is no real "model" beauty for us. We are all beautiful in our own rite and therefore what is beautiful to us and defines us is embracing our own individual beauty. That said, being the best we can be, looking the best we can with our own natural beauty, is what makes us beautiful. Well that, along with inner beauty, which shows on the outside, when we feel love, peace, and contentment.

1.) Feel good about yourself, what you have experienced, what you have become, and what you strive to do or be in life. And besides setting goals for your family life, set goals for yourself as an individual as well. whether that entails a career, a business venture, a hobby, or a simple pleasure, always have that part of yourself, for yourself. Always be the best you can as a person and understand that no one is perfect, but you are perfect as you. Know who you are and love yourself unconditionally.

2.) Look good for yourself. If you do not love how you look in the mirror, how can you expect others to? And regardless of how others might feel about your looks, what matters most is how you see yourself, not others, anyway. Then dress yourself in confidence and you will always be dressed well.

3.) Know that you are a beautiful spirit. Your mind and body thrives when you are happy within your soul, so be sure to honor and nurture that part of you forever, and never let yourself or anyone else compromise that. Always be true to and happy with your spirit. Your spirit is the energy that drives you...

And when you are truly driven, don't just set goals for yourself and your loved ones, set aside a plan, take action to actually obtain your goals and encourage your loved ones to make their dreams come true as well.


Take the best care of your family that you can, because in reality, it is the woman who holds the entire family together, the mental, physical, and spiritual "superglue" that holds the home like Atlas, and is the solid foundation for your family's world.

If you have children, know that they are the purest, most loving, compassionate, understanding angels on earth. They are our "world" because we are their "world" and how well we raise them will determine the future of the world for everyone.

1.) Do everything in your power to help your child grow up happy and reaching his or her fullest potential.

2.) Nothing should ever come before your child. Let him or her know that you are and will always be there for them.

3.) Be as kind, compassionate, caring, and understanding as you can for your baby, even when they become a proud parent as well, as they will always and forever be your "baby".

Whether we are full-time business women or stay-at-home moms, we are capable of doing it all and that is one of many reasons why our men love us. More?

1.) Never forget who you are...as well as who your husband is...and what brought the two of you together.

2.) Treat your husband the way you would like to be treated...or at least the way you treated him that made him fall in love with you. Never lose that magic.

3.) And speaking of magic...Keep the romance alive. It's good for your husband...and you!

And finally, the three most important things to remember when being a superwife and supermommy...

1.) Love...with all your heat and soul...Love is what we all cherish and strive for.

2.) Laugh...as much possible...Love and laughter is key.

3.) Live...like a giddy, playful child. As adults, we can often grow quite rigid and can learn a lot from children. Know that, as they are grow, we do too, and that is the journey of life.

My marriage and family life is the best now than ever and I know that it will only keep getting better. These are the rules I have created and the rules I live by and I suggest you do too.

Best Wishes,

Stephanie Adams-Nicolai

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GODDESSY was founded in October 1999 by Playboy Centerfold, spokesmodel and author Stephanie Adams, who is currently the author of two dozen metaphysical books, astrology calendars and tarot cards, in addition to having been the astrologist and contributing editor for 10 publications as well as a renowned psychic and tarot card reader.

Adams is a Leo, born July 24, 1970, and is an exotic mix of Black, White and American Indian. According to her Playboy pictorial, Adams is the direct descendant of U.S. presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

Adams has been featured in and on numerous magazine covers as well as various newspapers such as New York Post, Daily News, Newsday, etc. as well as TV channels 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5 (FOX), 7 (ABC), 9 (WOR) 11 (WPIX), NY 1 News, CNN, etc. and other media such as Entertainment Tonight, The Late Show With David Letterman, Playboy TV, etc.

Aside from her active modeling and writing career, Adams decided to dedicate most of her time investing in Fortune 500 companies, enabling her to become a self-made millionaire before the age of 30. Now Adams has decided to dedicate most of her time towards philanthropy, and developing as much of a private life as she can possibly have with her husband and son.


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