A Knitting Project That Keeps Going

By Leann Leedom • February 1, 2021

I am a proud mother of three children, my last little one being delivered in the middle of this pandemic. She was born in August and her name is Aida.

Shortly after having Aida my mother in law Ann showed me something she learned from her friends mother in an art class she attended weekly. She had a loom and showed me how to knit a scarf. She showed me one stitch and gave me a small loom with her half done project.

I spend a lot of time breastfeeding my sweet little girl.. so I have some extra time to do something with my hands through out the day. I enjoyed making the scarf so I purchased a full loom set and tons of yarn and started to make beanies since it is winter.

I realized the homeless population in my town in Southern California really needed some more warm weather gear. If gets into the low 30s here in the heart of winter. I started to give away my hats here and there to the people asking for food outside the donut shop down the avenue I live off of.

My oldest son Siddhartha got involved in the project and made a hat as well. I found out that there was a non profit up the way from me that made masks for farm workers and they were asking for winter warm weather gear donations. I made over a dozen beanies and gave them to hand out to farm workers. I then made beanies for everyone in my husband's family for Christmas gifts, and gave beanies to all my neighbors I was close too for there families. There was a new family that moved in down the street and I decided I did not know them very well but why not break the ice with some handmade gifts? So I made a beanie for the mom and 1 yr old baby. I knocked on the door and handed the gifts over and Liz my neighbor was so happy to receive them.

Since moving to my neighborhood she has been isolated and was happy to have a friend. She then told me that she crochets, and makes blankets for babies at the hospital who pass away. They give the Blankets to the mothers of the babies who don't pull through. I thought that was such an amazing thing to do!

Here I am grateful for my healthy baby, but I could not imagine if I lost her before I got to really know her. It must be so hard for those families. I hope that when they receive a gift from an unknown person in the community that helps bring them a little love. I know what my next project is going to be...


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