Thank You To These Sweethearts

By A Friend • January 27, 2021

My brother is autistic and has tourettes, and he plays Fortnite a lot with my Dad. They don't play online with others much, especially not with voice chat on because my brother is quite loud and people get mad at him and often insult him.

But this one time, they joined these two older-sounding lads, and didn't turn their mics off. Ryan was being himself, very excitable and making sounds, and my dad starts worrying that these tough sounding dudes are gonna start picking on him.

But then one of them sent my dad a message over Playstation, just saying "Hey is he autistic?" and my dad, fully expecting them to be a**holes about it, just told the that, yes he is.

And these two men just start being SO KIND to my brother like "aw come on then buddy let's win this!" and they played together for hours and now they've all added each other to play more often. I'm crying.


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