I Am Finally Learning To Love Myself

By A Friend • October 22, 2020

It is an amazing feeling, I have never felt something like this. I’ve been realizing so much, just little things.. but they add up. Like, how I went from sleeping 12 hours a day to 10. My water intake has increased from none to about 2 cups daily. I am actually washing my hair and not just standing in the shower. How I don’t rush to grab makeup when I do head out. My appetite is coming back, geez am I hungry. My friends text me about gossip and drama, yet I am no longer interested. I deleted my social media a week ago, I have yet to reinstall it. I am brushing my teeth at least 2 times a week, compared to not at all.

It has affected my relationship drastically too. Not sure if my partner has noticed yet. I am finding myself less irritated by things I used to be. (i.e we have different beliefs) I am becoming less talkative, no longer talking to fill the void. I don’t fidget when we hold hands. I sometimes sweep up my hair from the washroom floor. Man, I even agreed to watch Harry Potter with him, all of them.

It’s honestly brining tears to my eyes. It’s the little things. From resorting to suicide each time I have a bad day to giving myself mantras and being my own therapist. It might be too soon to say I fully love myself. I just know my destination to love is getting there soon.


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