The Circle Of Love

By Joseph J. Mazzella • October 16, 2020

The Fall leaves are really starting to change now. It looks like the very trees and mountains have become a canvas painted by God’s loving Hand. The bright, beautiful reds are shining in the sunlight. The out of this world oranges are appearing too. And the yellows are glittering like gold. Some trees have only a few leaves changed. Others are half-way there. But a few are already completely transformed. Some of the leaves are falling to the ground too turning it into a colorful, crunchy carpet that smells as good as it sounds. I am enjoying these days so much because I know that when Winter arrives all of the trees will be bare and all of the leaves will be down. It is always a little sad to see but I know it is the circle of life. Those dead leaves will become the soil that nourishes the trees and brings forth new life next Spring.

Today I saw a lovely little girl from our neighborhood picking up the fallen leaves from the ground. The brown and mildewy ones just wouldn’t do. Only the prettiest reds, yellows, and oranges were picked up and held in her arms. Soon she had quite a pile there. She carefully carried them over to her Mom and then with a smile gave them to her like they were flowers. Her Mom accepted them with a loving-smile of her own and together they spread them out on their porch and stared at them like the priceless treasures they were.

I watched this scene from my living room window and had a smile on my face as well. I realized something then too. Our Heavenly Father in His wonderful wisdom has created a circle of love as well as a circle of life. And I am positive that the former like the latter will never end. It will continue on forever around and around all through this life and into the next. Take your place in the circle of love then. Give love. Receive love. Live every day of your life with love. And your soul will shine bright like the most beautiful tree in Autumn.


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