CNA Appears Out Of Nowhere To Help 96-Year-Old Woman Walk To Her Car

By Jeanne Blicharz • October 13, 2020

I picked up my Mom where she lived and drove her to the Courthouse to drop off her mail-in-ballot. After she handed in her ballot, she asked me where she could sit down because she was tired of standing. I told her that there was a church pew type bench right outside the door of the Election Office.

When she went to sit down, her legs locked up, making her unable to bend them to sit down. Her legs hurt when she tried to walk.

Just then, a man came out of the Election Office and said, "Are you okay? Do you need some help?"

I said, "Please, if you can, that'd be great."

He then said that he is a Clinical Nurse Assistant and works with seniors all the time. The man helped my mom waddle down the ramp, then told the Police officers in the Atrium of the Courthouse to bring a wheelchair. I drove the car around to the front of the Courthouse, then the man helped me get my Mom into the car by putting his arms around her from the other side of the back seat and literally pulling her into the car.

He was truly a Guardian Angel who came out of nowhere.

I took down his name and address, and am sending him a grocery store gift card for his kind deeds. I don't know what I would have done with my Mother if he wasn't there.


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