Just Had My First 'perfect Month'. I Worked Out For At Least 30 Minutes A Day, Everyday.

By Erin • July 14, 2020

If you had told me in March that I’d be living the life I am living each day, I would’ve responded that you’re nuts.

Although I’ve been living pretty spiritually and becoming increasingly aware of the things that were holding me back for a few years now, I still had a lot of behaviors that were rooted in my limiting beliefs.

I was still not moving daily, I was wishing I was a "#yogaeverydamnday" kind of girl, sucked into social media and the comparison game, fearful about the impending doom of Covid-19, and letting a lot of old patterns rule my life.

I’ve had spouts of doing a lot, but there was a lot of "forcing". I would force myself to eat certain things, force myself to do activities I didn’t enjoy, force myself to be stringent about a routine, force myself to get up early, and then I’d get tired. And I’d stop.

I’m 3 months consistently into what feels like an entirely different life. I wake up earlier than I used to and have very productive days before work even begins at 9AM. In the beginning, of course, I had to push myself to do things because I didn’t have any habits that were built up but then, after realizing how much better I felt doing all my new healthy habits- the need to force myself to do things fell away and now, I just do them.

I’ve had periods of rest since this began because I’ve had emotional times (my dads first anniversary of passing away was in May), but I’ve been extremely consistent because I just feel better when I do things that are good for me.

May, June, and July have all been extremely productive months. I’m on course to have my best month yet for July, and I was just looking at my activity tracker and I now have 31 days of working out for 30 minutes everyday! My workouts vary, but I do yoga every day without fail, and run or walk on most other days.

I’ve been feeling so wonderful and I’m so proud of this accomplishment.

I know there’s a lot of reasons I am able to accomplish what I am doing, but I think primarily it is because instead of spending time scrolling through my phone on Instagram or Facebook, I’m just doing things that feel good and not worrying about what everyone else is doing- and I’m doing things that I actually like. I’m enjoying the journey instead of fixating on the destination. I have no idea of a "goal weight" just that I want to be the healthiest version of me that I can by doing things that I enjoy. This way of being has been extremely transformative. It didn’t happen over night but it has been pretty easy after the initial “hump” going from not doing much to doing a lot.

In addition to my physical improvements, I’ve also found time to write more, read over 6 books in 2 months, earn a scholarship to a manifestation course lead by eckhart tolle (one of my favorite authors), participate in multiple programs, practice reiki, meditate everyday, pay off a big debt I owed from years ago, chip away at some udemy courses, and join an accountability group. My relationship with my boyfriend, mom, and friends are better too.

We really can do so much once we are present and make time for the things that are good for us. I was always waiting to "find time" for things but I now realize I actually create the time. I don’t have a stringent routine, I just go with what I feel like doing. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that each day. If i don’t wake up early, I do things after work. No forcing, just flowing. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing much but i always make a little bit of time to do yoga (even if it’s just a verrrrrrry slow flow), i show up for me every single day. Small steps everyday make huge changes, and I’m seeing how this is unfolding and it’s beautiful.

Credit: u/erinpanzarella / Reddit


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