I Witnessed A Miracle!

By Judith Maduhu • June 22, 2020

I was walking home one late afternoon, as I approached my place there was a cute little boy playing just beside a construction site.

The site was barricaded using iron sheets, so I smiled down at the little boy and he smiled back shyly as he walked away from the barricades. Just as he moved, the barricade was down right there on the same spot where the kid was playing, I was shocked and hurriedly went over to see if he was hurt or something, but I saw him running away without turning back, I guess he also somehow panicked.

I firmly believe that was God who saved him from that near miss.

Miracles happen everyday, our whole lives are a miracle.

We should always be vigilant and not let the noise of the world deafen us and fail to notice small but amazing wonders of our heavenly father, He is always around!


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