The Day My Mom Left...

By Leann Leedom • March 31, 2020

Just a little over 4 years ago, my mother left this beautiful planet. Her husband (my stepfather) had died from his second battle with cancer a few months prior. Before he passing, my mom was having dreams about her husband Bill coming to get her. The same dream kept reoccuring, he was at the back door of there home telling her it was time to go. She only told her sister in law about this dream.

The day her husband died, she asked me for a ride to the healthcare facility he was staying at. I had injured my foot recently at work and it was pretty swollen, when she called I told her I would leave in an hour or two. She called shortly after we spoke and told me She just got the news that Bill passed away. He had turned 66 the day before (two days after Christmas). I rushed over and picked her up and we went to see him there before the funeral home was to pick him up. Upon leaving when we were on our way back to her home she told me she could feel it on her heart.. something was wrong. I did my best to reassure her and tried to convince her she would be ok.. she would heal.

Just over two months passed and I picked her up to pay for a boat to drop off Bills ashes into the ocean. We went grocery shopping at my moms favorite Asian grocery store (she was Filipina, Spanish, Hawaiian and the best cook ever!) .. she had just gotten over the flu and was finally recovering. After dropping her off at her house, I let her know I would be back in the morning with my father in law to help her move some furniture and get the house ready for Bills family to come help spread his ashes.

The next morning came, I was running late and decided I needed coffee first.. on my way driving to her house that was about 15 miles away I noticed on this cloudy day in March that the sun was tricking down in a particular spot and I saw 3 balls of light going up into where the clouds had parted. A peculiar feeling ran through me, but one I had no words for. I went about my business, got my coffee picked up my helper and 20 mins later I arrived at my moms. She did not answer the door, so unlike her so I called just in case she was out for a walk. No answer on the phone. I installed her locks only months before and had a spare key so I let myself In. I immediately handed my two year old son over to my father in law and told him to go for a walk. I saw my mother face down and the back door. I rushed over to her, felt that her body was limp but the back of her neck was still warm. She had just passed away after her morning walk. I called 9/11 did cpr as they instructed till they arrived. They tried diligently to bring her back for 20 mins but I knew she was gone. I had watched her leave. Later on, when Bills family arrived from hawaii I was speaking to his sister about my mother and she mentioned the dream my mom described to her about Bill coming through the back door. That's when I told her that's where I Found her, we both had chills. After going through some of my mothers possessions I found her calendar and on the day of her death she had written the time of her passing.

The day she passed, I cried at home in my bed for many hours, she was my best friend and I could not believe I would never hear her voice or give her a hug again in this life. After finally settling into bed next to my better half I tried to close my eyes, then saw a light start to unfold in front of me like two wings opening up. The light was so bright, she was there in my room checking on me! Ty my better half noticed the light too (with his eyes closed) he thought I had turned on a light! Some bonds can never be broken, and the world beyond is so very connected to this world here. I know she hears my thoughts towards her and I know she is able to look down upon me and watch over me as she always did.


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