Americans Are Friendly And Kind People

By A Friend • March 21, 2020

America has its problems but as someone who's from the UK, everyone tends to keep to themselves in public and are quite reserved. People are easily pissed off here.

When I went to Seattle with my foster parents for a month it was an amazing experience. We were staying with a family member. I remember the houses being so much bigger than the houses in he UK. I went out one day and the neighbour who I never met before asked me where I was from and seemed genuinely interested in talking to me. They offered me to a barbecue they were having that day.

I walked down to the store down the street and this girl started chatting to me. Everyone was smily and cheery. Everyone had great teeth and people in America seemed to be a lot more attractive. It made me insecure.

I went to the cinema and during the movie people would clap and cheer at certain scenes in the movie. Here in the UK your at the cinema you better shut your mouth if you don't want to piss a lot of people off. It was adorable seeing the Americans get overexcited about things but cheering together.

I never experienced such generosity and friendliness. I've been dreaming about going back to America.


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