My 60 Second Mentality

By A Friend • November 18, 2019

I had a really tough childhood. I was abused physically, mentally, and sexually. I never stayed at any school more than a few months and i had a major brain surgery what resulted in an infection that permanently effected my memory in the short term area.

I never like to look back at my past next it upsets me. So I always looked WAY into the future and just saw what I could be! I never looked at the here and now. I was focused on what i wanna be in 4 years, 10 years. I laid out plans and everything. Only problem was that I never paid attention to the here and now and didn't see where I was actually going. I was going to be a HS drop out with no job and no future. My best friend pulled my head out the the future and she got my head straight.

She told me to stop focusing so much into the future. Focus on here and now.

Just focus on the next 60 seconds. The last 60 seconds can't be changed. The next 60 minutes can't be guaranteed, and the next 60 days may never come. So just focus on the next 60 seconds! Try this 60 second mentality. I promise it will change your life! It changed mine.


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