I Finally Sang With My Husband In The Car And Now We're Both Crying

By A Friend • November 18, 2019

I love singing, I always have, but I was teased for being a woman with a really deep voice. I wasn't allowed in choir as a kid and never sang with anyone near by. I sing in the car if I'm alone and when I'm home alone, my husband knows this, but I've never felt comfortable before. He's always wanted to hear me sing.

Today we were driving and it's beautiful out. I got a bit giddy and asked if I could take a longer route because I was feeling a bit brave. Halfway I finally said screw it, put on my newest favorite CD, and it all just fell out.

He started crying, then I started getting choked up. It's just been a fantastic day and I wanted to share it with anyone who'd listen. Sing out loud people. Worst case, someone might sing along.


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