I'm So Happy I Am Fortunate Enough To Be Able To Help Out A Co-worker

By A Friend • November 14, 2019

I recently bought a "new" car for me. It's a used Subaru, I spent around 6k on it.

My old car is an 06 Nissan Sentra, it is in okay condition, with about 70k miles on it.  A dealership offered $1,500 for it on trade in. 

I have a co-worker, he is a great worker. He is struggling to get by, and has been looking at used cars, so I asked him how much he was looking to spend on a car he was looking at $300- $500 so I told him I'd sell him my old one one for $300 when I got the title to my new one.

My mom, who I work with, asked if I had any luck selling my car tonight, I told her I planned on selling it to our co-worker for $300.

She started crying and told me how glad she was she raised a selfless kid who would help someone out so much. She told me to give it to him for free and she'd pay me the $1,500. I didn't expect her to react that way at all, and be more like my dad who was upset I would take so little for it. I'm so glad I can help a friend out, and that my mom is so proud of me.

I'm a grown ass man and my mom had in me in tears for being proud of me tonight.


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