I Witnessed True Love Last Night

By A Friend • October 12, 2019

Despite the cliché title, I truly witnessed a love that brought me to tears when I got home from work last night.

I work as a waiter at a hotel. Last night this elderly(Late 60's/Early 70's) white, seemingly wealthy couple came into the restaurant and my co-worker seated them. We usually do our own tables, but because we were so busy last night we helped each other out. At one point the elderly couple signaled to me that they were ready to order. Once again we were super busy so I usually find it rude when people go out of their way to make their order, but once I took their order I understood why.

The husband began ordering and started stuttering to an extent I've never heard before. It was very clear that he had a speech disorder. I could tell the wife had told her husband very extensively what she wanted, as a way for him to practice ordering. It took awhile for him to order, and in the meantime she was sitting there and she looked so proud and content despite her husband's immense stammering.

Honestly the whole thing just did something to me. It was beautiful and just made me realize that a huge part of love is acceptance, tolerance and support. She could've made the order and made things a lot easier for her husband and avoid the stares from other tables, but she didn't. Instead she supported him and was proud to see him complete the order.

Another thing this whole thing did was remind me that life is difficult for all of us. I assumed these wealthy people had everything going for them and I'm sure they do, but it just reminded me that all of us have our issues. I initially took their gesture of wanting to order as being rude, but I think they signaled it because he really wanted to get the order right.


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