I Told You So!

By Roz • September 23, 2019

Those 4 words never sounded so good til the June morning in my mom's hospital room.

It began when my mother was admitted to the hospital for a really bad infection in her bladder. It was November 21 when they called us to her hospital room to tell us my mom had a mass tumor it was big in her stomach and it was malignant. They went over a couple of options but all I heard was MDAnderson & biopsy.

That same night at about 2 a.m. my mom got dressed called my stepdad and walked out of that hospital, she wanted to go home. The next morning we went to talk to the surgeon to find out what does this mean, how long does she have by refusing treatment & he said 15 days maybe less.

I was so scared I couldn't accept losing my mom my only parent since dad died when I was 5 yrs old. My stepdad was an ok kinda person just not involved with our lives growing. So 15 days, I had til December 6th to pray, to beg, to cry, to spend time with my mom. I didn't judge her decision she's my mom she has earned the right to decide what she wants. My siblings didn't see it that way but really what can you do.

Well I started a prayer chain I asked everyone I came in contact with if they could say a prayer for my mom, I mean everyone. December 6th came & went and she did sleep a lot but my stepdad says she seems ok, when I'd go visit her I would just sit and stare at her & I imagine she probably felt like a specimen under a microscope because she'd just cough and all heads turned to her glasses of water in every direction my poor mom.

Then 7 months later in June she ends up back in hospital cuz her bladder is hurting real bad. I remember sitting there just me and my granddaughter cuz she really wanted to visit her G.G.Ma and I watched her do her crossword puzzle trying to sneak in a picture here & there. The oncologist walks in the room & asks my mom how she feeling & she says I feel fine can I go home now? The Dr then says i'm sorry but I cannot be your doctor so I cannot make that decision. She looks confused & I'm stunned so I asked what did my mom do now? He smiled and looked my mom straight in her eyes & he says I'm a cancer doctor & since all your tests came back clear I cannot be in charge of your care.

I'm looking at him wide eyed big goofy smile and as I turned to see my mom's reaction she picks up her crossword puzzle & says as casual as can be "See I told you I wasn't sick!" I could only manage to say "yup you sure did mom."

That was 2 and a half years ago & she's still mouthier as ever but I went & thanked all those who prayed for her because I truly witnessed a miracle 1st hand. Thank you my Lord my Savior you truly are an Amazing God.


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