By Raiquan Thomas • August 20, 2019

Born to a teenage mother.

Dad was killed by a police officer when I was 5 years old.

Worked two jobs while attending my regular high school and an arts high school.

Evicted from my childhood home my senior year of high school.

Lost everything but kept seeking better.

My senior year of high school I graduated with honors and received over $500,000 in scholarships for music and academics. Got into my dream school, James Madison University, and received a full ride for music.

During these past few years, I've had peers and family members die and end up in very bad situations.

I'm thankful that I never let my circumstances define who I am.

Two weeks ago, I graduated with a B.M in Music with a concentration in Performance and a minor in Music Industry. This degree is for my peers who didn't have the same opportunity as me. This degree is for Portsmouth, Virginia, where a lot of people don't make it out.

"Everyday's a struggle, everyday's a song."

Thank you God.

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