The Sweetest Story About The Sweetest Boy

By Deanna Flournoy • August 16, 2019

This Sweet Boy is 11 and he knows his momma is sick. He knows the brain tumor damaged her body. He knows she gets overheated easily. He knows she must rest often. This Sweet Boy knows his momma shouldn’t have to do everything herself.

When the electricity went off one sweltering August night, Sweet Boy came rushing to his mom’s side with his battery operated fan and two ice packs. He put the fan at her face, one ice pack on her legs and one on the back of her neck. You see, this Sweet Boy knew that his mom would begin sweating without air conditioning and her fan. He knew that ice packs placed on certain areas of her body would keep her cool. He knew that she needed to stay still so she wouldn’t begin to sweat. And even at 1:00 am in the dark, he knew she needed him there to stroke her hair and whisper encouraging and soothing words to her. This Sweet Boy loved his mom so much. He wanted her to be healthy and happy. He checked on his momma several times that night, until he could no longer stay awake...

MY Sweet Boy slept until the first hint of daylight, upon which he ran to my bed, gave ME a huge bear hug and said...”Thank you for letting me take care of you last night.” And with that, I knew in MY heart, despite all the health issues and struggles, everything was as it was meant to be💗

I love you, Sweet Boy.


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