Miss Kitty

By Kay Heitsch • July 20, 2019

"Kindness like a boomerang always returns" ~ Animal Quotes ~

Many years ago there were no leash laws. People's pets were allowed to roam around freely. It was hard to tell sometimes if an animal was someone's pet or a stray.

While we lived in Kentucky there was a cat I named Miss Kitty who came to visit every so often. When she arrived she would meow at the front door. When I heard the meow I'd run to find some food and water and take it out to her. She would eat, drink, stay a short while then she would be on her way.

There was a period of time I didn't see Miss Kitty. I wondered what had happened to her. Then one day I heard the familiar meow at the front door. When I opened the door I was surprised! There was Miss Kitty with a tiny kitten in her mouth. After I had made a big fuss about the little kitten to Miss Kitty I ran back into the house to get some food and water. I felt sad when I came back to see that Miss Kitty and the kitten were gone.

It wasn't long and Miss Kitty was back again meowing at the door. This time with another little kitten. This back and forth went on until she had shown me all four kittens.

It's true kindness like a boomerang always returns. The kindness I had shown Miss Kitty boomeranged right back to me when she brought her four kittens to the door.

kayAbout the author: Kay is the mother of three children and grandmother of two. Her oldest son Todd was killed instantly in a car accident when he was 16. It was shortly after Todd's death that she entered into a personal relationship with God. From that day on her life has taken a radical change for the better.

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