By Ed • June 25, 2019

Most things aren't nearly as bad as you think they'll be -- except regret.

Regret is worse.

Often we procrastinate or straight up don't do things that we know we need to do because we're afraid of discomfort. We're scared to take a risk or do something that we've never done before.

So we don't do it.

I can tell you from experience that very few things are as unpleasant as you think they will be. Your mind comes up with scenarios that are typically much worse than reality.

The only thing that's ever been worse than I expected it to be is regret, and I've regretted inaction much more often than I've regretted action.

If you're putting something off because you're afraid of what might happen, know that, in the end, the regret of inaction will be much more painful.

You aren't making life easier for yourself by avoiding discomfort. You're just pushing that discomfort onto your future self, and one day you have to be that future self.

Don't live a life you'll regret.


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