From Homeless To A Real Big Change In Life

By Jerri Jean Stoddard • December 16, 2013

Life was changed on March of 2011. Me and my new husband were told by Seattle police department not to return to our home. We were told days after that we lost all of our belongings. We were newly married and just starting out as man and wife. We eventually found our way to Nicklesville in west Seattle where we stayed with my service dog Mary, a Chug. We were living in a tent and were surrounded by rats every night climbing over us and eating everything in sight. I called my grandparents in western Washington to see if we could come stay in their garage see they had a house fire and lost everything they had except for their fifth wheel that they live in. They are retired now and they went out to find us an RV that we could live in and start our lives over and gave us shelter. They bought us an RV. We lived in it in Seattle on the streets moving every three days. They also gave us a car and paid for our insurance on both vehicles. I have COPD and bullous emphysema and am supposed to be on oxygen 24/7 but haven't been able to do it without power or electric, no heat and no water for two years. We had gotten a leak in a couple of places in our RV. My husband and I were doing okay and my sister got diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and had been homeless also staying with an ex husband till we could find a place for all of us. On October 14.2013 my life changed and so did my sisters. My husband unexpectedly passed away from a blood clot to his lungs. The day after my husband died I asked my father to drive our RV over to my grandparents so I could live in my RV and be safe. My life changed after that I realized that me and my sister could find a place over here and we would be able to survive over here with the help of my grandparents. They went out and found us a new place for me and my sister and they helped us with everything from being a cosigner to driving us around to the different places to get help with deposits and electric,water/sewer/garbage,TV,internet you name it we had to pay for it. We moved in on Nov.4.2013. My grandparents had bought things for their new home and instead they are allowing us girls to use them in our home they bought us each a brand new bed.and we had our very first Thanksgiving in our new home ,We are so blessed this year. We had lost my sister for almost 30 years and God brought her back to us. So we are both adjusting to everything in our lives and we are getting strength that we know we are okay. My grandparents are godsends and they always amaze me and my sister. We now are so blessed and we are so thankful to our family for coming to our rescue. My grandpas birthday is Christmas Eve he will be 87 years young this year and I can't picture my life without him. We both went from not having anything to being a close knit family and we have both learned that Jesus will provide for us and how lucky we are to be right here everyday we wake up and take time to grasp all the wonder that God has for us today. I rarely have ever told a story but this one needed to be shared. I am so blessed to have had a wonderful husband and best friend for almost 30 years. I am happy that my health is getting better and my service dog is here and my other two rescued cats got to come to our new home and my sister was able to bring her therapy cat with her. We have our first Christmas tree and every time we look around we know we are loved very much. Amen.


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