Nice Gestures From A Stranger

By A Friend • May 9, 2019

This was several years ago, but I remember this kindness very clearly.

I was at a Jiffy Lube one morning getting an oil change for my car, and an older man with a heavy Southern drawl came in. They were busy, so after ten minutes or so, he starts up small talk with me. I find out he's from Texas (I was in MO at the time), traveling with a construction crew. I jokingly say "You must make good money to drive that beautiful truck. Tell me how to get in to the field!"

He says yes, but it wasn't easy to get there. I tell him I'm in my second year of teaching and haven't gotten there yet (I made $17k/yr), so if he needs some part-time help, I could use the work.

He genuinely looked heartbroken, saying "You're teaching the next generation and you need another job?"

We keep talking, the mechanic pulls him away to get approval on some repairs.

A few moments later, the mechanics come get me and never asked for any approvals or pay on my vehicle. I see the receipt, and my car had received a premium oil change, balance and rotation on my tires, a new filter, and a new battery. The services were not cheap.

The older man smiles at me, gives me a hug, and says "My daughter is your age. You're doing a good service and deserve a better wage. I just wanted to give you a little pick-me-up."


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