Morning Affirmation

By A Friend • April 19, 2019

Today is going to be a beautiful day. You are going to have a lot of experiences, some you perceive as good and some that you perceive as bad. You will make it through all of them. You will learn, a lot and perhaps more through the experiences that you didn’t want or expect. You get to experience contrast, the light and the dark, both will guide you in the direction you are meant to go. Both will teach you very valuable lessons. Try not to stay too much in your head. Life doesn’t happen there and it’s easy to get caught up if you’re not careful. If you do, it’s okay - we all do but just breathe, focus on your breath instead of the thoughts. Just keep coming back to your breath. It’s a beautiful thing to have air in your lungs and a beat in your heart because today you get to live as a human and manifest things in this physical experience which is living out your purpose here on earth.

Go out - move, smile, laugh, act, do, talk, be. You only get to experience this life as this human once, make it a great one.


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