Marooned Dog Strikes Oil!

By Troy Kester • April 18, 2019

A dog named Fools Gold was at sea with his owners on a yacht. A rail came loose and suddenly she fell overboard. She swam almost all day, wondering if she's ever find dry land or be rescued. As she swam, she looked back over her life and remembered why she was named just so. One bad happening after another! Being abandoned, being attacked by vicious pitbulls and surviving and getting a broken leg. He wondered if something would finally turn right for him or was this the end to a already tragic life?!

Just then, he saw a oil rig not to far distant. He knew salvation was immanent so long as he could make it to the rig. One of the workers saw him and got him out of the water. He was happy to find a dry place and a second life after that experience!

The next day the workers struck oil and got a percentage of the "black gold" they found. Fools Gold's new owner was rich and could give him a content and comfortable life for the duration. He gave him the name "Texas Tea" in honer of the new found fortune and the luck he felt Fool's Gold brought him. They both lived happily ever after! -TK.


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