She Believed And Received!

By A Vessel • March 6, 2019

She had faith!

This amazing story happened for about 30 years ago. A friend of mine had broken one of her big toes, and had been to a physician to get a x-ray of it. He wanted to treat it with gypsum, but she said no! cause she was certain that the Lord would heal her broken toe!

The same day, on the evening, we were some women together to pray, and she also were there with her aching broken toe. She asked us if we could pray for her toe, and I just got a strong faith that she should be healed, so I sat beside her on the sofa, and placed mine hands very carefully on her foot.

I thanked the Lord for healing her, and suddenly I felt a strong power go through me and into her foot! then I knew that the Lord had healed her broken toe!

She jumped out of the sofa, dancing around on the floor, shouting "Jesus healed me, He HEALED me! Thank You Lord!"

Amazing Grace! The day after, she went back to the physician and told him what the Lord had done, and after a x-ray, he could see for himself that the toe was completely healed!

We all rejoiced with our friend this day, and the Lord has also healed me many times during the years, so I know that He's able.


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