Have It Your Way

By Jay Abington • February 2, 2019

I think one of the hardest things for me to do was take my little Jamie to her first few days of day care/preschool. Man it was a hart melting thing that no parent can do easily.

The first day we pulled into the parking lot and when I looked at Jamie she starts to cry than I start to cry. As I put the truck in reverse I tell her ya know squirt one good thing about being grown up is we can do what we want and I want to go back home how about you. She nods yes.

OK then it is settled. we can try again tomorrow. Little Jamie has the crying hick ups going pretty good and when ever she did that I would make a big production out of it to get her to laugh you know.

I would get all excited and say all right!! The hick up game!! Now less then 30 and ill read you two story's tonight before bed. More than 30 and I will really read the books.

You see I used to open a book like whinny the poo and read the first couple sentences then make up my own version witch were way better. She loved it but she had kind of a distorted vision of the poo bear and his gang .

Oh well that`s life with me as your dad any way she never got past 30. We would be giggling about something else in no time.

After a couple days of cutting school we were both determined to succeed the next week. I said tell ya what we do Jamers I have an idea. We can jump in the blazer and go practice this weekend.

We drive over about 6 times that weekend and on the last one I had an idea. There was a big muddy lot next to the day care.

Monday morning comes and we were ready.

I pulled into the parking lot got Jamie out of her car seat put her in my lap. She says what are we doing daddy? I have a surprise kiddo and I hold up a CD she looks at it her eyes get real big and I point to the mud lot she says OH YEAH. See we like to play the song whipeout when we do donuts in the blazer we get all excited drive through the Day care and into the empty lot we were doin circles, figure eights, just slinging mud all over having a ball. We drive back over and park I open my door put Jamie on the ground hand her her stuff and jump out and I took a knee she says dad we got this and she gives me a hug. She wraps her little hand around one of my fingers and says lets go.

All proud and confident we head to The Day care. I noticed a bunch of parents staring at us and there must have been 20 little noses pressed against the classroom windows. We were little celebrities. I hand her off she runs to the window to wave good by amungst the crying toddlers with a big smile and wave. Well I have this PA system from an old firetruck and it is loud as can be so as I am leaving I crank it up and say I love you James have fun today and all the kids wave by to me. No tears no tears no tears.

All the girls that worked at the D/C said it was brilliant and Jamie was the only child that didn't cry that week. When the day came to remove her from D/C I was told by most the staff that Jamie was a well behaved inspiration to all the other kids and will be greatly missed for the rest of the year.

I would say have a fun day you kids love you Jamie and all the kids would wave at me and Friday our dog. The way I see it make sure you have your share of fun in life cause you're darn sure to have your share of the other and try never to be afraid to do things your way.


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