Sweet Seasons

By Joseph J. Mazzella • December 27, 2018

Beep! Beep! Beep! I rolled over and turned off my alarm clock. It was still dark outside so I felt my way to the wall switch and turned on the light. I got dressed quickly because I knew both of my dogs would be eager to get outside for their morning walk. I reached over to grab a coat and stopped. It was technically still Fall but the weather here in the Appalachian mountains of my home didn't follow a calendar. It had been cold and snowy two days ago and warm and rainy yesterday. I had forgotten to check the weather report for today, however, so I wasn't sure if I needed my light jacket or my heavy coat.

I decided on my light jacket, pulled it on, and leashed up my bigger dog, Fluffy to walk first. I opened the door and stepped outside. Instantly I knew I had made the wrong choice. Each breath I exhaled was a frozen mist. The wind chill was bitter cold. The grass was covered in frost and I tied to keep my balance while Fluffy dragged me along behind him.

I shivered and grumbled for a bit but finally I turned my head up to the heavens. I looked up at the pre-dawn sky and saw it was full of twinkling stars. The man in the moon was smiling down on me too. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. Suddenly, I felt a warmth inside of me and stopped shivering. While my dog sniffed the ground I opened my heart to the wonder of God's creation. In all of its sweet seasons it had never failed to touch my soul. It had heated my heart on the coldest days and lighted my spirit on the darkest nights. I stood there awhile in nature's cathedral. Then I thanked God for the love that created the moon, the stars, and me.

Our lives here are full of sweet seasons as well. From the innocence and youth of Spring to the wisdom and wrinkles of Winter we are all called to live, to give, to grow and to love. Enjoy all your sweet seasons then. Make each day of them a creation of your love.


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