HUGE Shootout To The Guy Who Paid For My Gas

By A Friend • December 27, 2018

I feel like I should tell you my entire life story and everything that happened in the last two months to completely understand how just amazing this is to me. But I won't, after my card got declined, I called my dad, who took the phone away from his face and cussed and yelled. I kept my cool in the gas station. This went on for a bit, causing everyone to look at me, I smiled and acted like I had everything under control. Then this heavenly man descended from above.

" I got it" he said. "Hey, merry Christmas."

I burst out crying, I said something along the lines of " dude... what, why?" He just walked out.

50ish minutes later and I'm still crying.

Thanks my guy, whoever you are, not really religious but God bless, peace.


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