Just Wait It Out

By Zu • October 18, 2018

Hi! My name is Zu and I have an important story to tell.

I have a friend called Kat and he is an absolute hot head. His ego is sky high and his pride higher. I have known him since I was 6 and ever since I first met him, I’ve looked up to him. He was never afraid and was strong, I really admired him for that. We would do everything together, go running through the woods, fishing at the stream and just living life like children should.

But as we got older, he began to change, he started to become violent and angry all the time. Kat would take his anger out on me and eventually seemed to hate me. I didn't understand why he resented me but he always said he didn't want to be around a pathetic worm like me. He’d shove me down but I’d always come running back to him. I was so intent on seeing what he became in life that I couldn’t help but want to watch him grow.

Kat beat up kids older than him (he didn't start the fight, they picked on him first) and he had his heart set on a high school. The problem was, I wanted to go there too, it was my dream! The school had a low acceptance rate and it was obvious that Kat was going to get in, there was no doubt! But me? I was second rate, not nearly as good as Kat. I kept studying and studying, working my way through work sheets upon work sheets until the test day came. Long story short, we both got accepted. Kat wasn’t happy, he wanted to be the first to go to the high school from our elementary school. I dont know why, but I felt strong that day, I told him that I was going to go and that he couldn’t stop me.

Through out the year of our new high school, we made new friends and funnily enough, he was teased for his temper and not me. I started at the bottom of our schools ranking but eventually made my way to the top, surpassing Kat. Despite having such a strained relationship, I still admire him for his strong confidence and his ability to win. He eventually had enough and took me to the back of school. We fought and through our fighting we talked, well more yelled but we both laid our feelings out in the open. He had to be the best because without the scholarship, he wouldn’t be able to to stay at the high school and I was close to taking it from him. Kat was scared of me, the boy who told me to swan dive off the top of the roof, was scared of me. For years he called me names and threatened me but Kat was just scared of giving up is dream. Kat and I both now have a friendly rivalry instead of the toxic one we had before.

Just keep in mind, people don't ever really change, what they show on the surface may not always be what’s on the inside. And what’s on the inside is what counts.


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