Happiness Is Self Factored

By Godswill Okwori • October 17, 2018

We all live our lives, placing our happiness on diverse objects, sometimes on people, and sometimes on priorities, but the question is, what do we do, when they are all gone?

We fail to realize that our happiness is an inward thing, and that it should be created from the inside of us, a lot of us have gone heartbroken on several occasions because our sources of happiness are gone from us, happiness would never seize from you, when you place it on the 'self' factor, and when all you see in the picture is nobody and nothing else but your own self.

Someone once asked me, Godswill, don't you ever get angry? I smiled and replied; where will the anger come from... The reason being; I've permanently succeeded in blocking all the possible chances for anyone or anything to make me feel bad. When you create and inward happiness source, you're creating an inward security against pain, sorrow, or tears of all sort.

Most times, the misplacement of your happiness source can lead to real life issues that might even end up killing you, I've met a lot people who got depressed, who incubated low self-esteem, engaged in dubious drugs abuse because they misplaced their sources of happiness.

To create happiness from your inside, you must learn to always love yourself, give credit to yourself when necessary, before anyone gets to criticizes you, be your number one critic, smile off negativity and always remind yourself that you are your number one happiness.


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