To The Gas Attendant That Gave Me $10 Of Gas When I Had No Money, Thank You

By A Friend • October 13, 2018

I volunteer/work for my local aquarium. Today I volunteered to help with our sick animals. My job today was to get a sad baby leopard shark to be happy again as he was having tummy problems (basically I massaged a shark all day).

Because I was so wrapped up in this I left my Wallet an hour away at the aquarium.

When I finally realized this after getting home, I hopped in my car and saw the gas light on. I scrounged up $3 in change with the hopes 1 gallon would be enough to get me there.

When I arrived at the station I had asked the lady how far could 1mile get me because I had left my wallet at my job.

Without hesitation she pulled out a $10 dollar bill and paid for my gas and told me that everyone has struggles and its our job to help when we can and to push it forward.

I returned 2 hours later with $50 cash to give to her but she had left and I didnt feel comfortable giving it to the other attendant.

So to the lady that selflessly gave me gas in my time of need thank you and I hope to see you back at work soon!


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