Coffee Battle

By Pielo • October 8, 2018

Walked into Wawa (NJ) last week to get myself a cup of coffee before going into work.

As I am pouring the cup from their dispenser I hear this loud lady saying hi to kids (I don't know how else to describe this but just louder then people normally talk or would expect).

Anyway, aftering my cup I get in line and that lady and some older gentleman else were talking/discussing something (in line). The guy insisted that he was going to pay for her coffee, and she declined and says she's going to pay for his.

This was going back and forth for a few seconds and the lady in line at the register speaks up and says, "Guess what, I'm paying for both of you."

Queue them both say, "Noooo" and she responds back, Nope, I don't care. It's on me"


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