My Girlfriend Held My Hands During An Argument

By A Friend • August 29, 2018

So basically I told her that we need to talk about us (didn't get enough affection from her but this doesn't matter )

She sat in front of me grabbed my hands , held them tightly and told me (with very sweet and gentle voice)that I have to remember that no matter what I say she is my ally and the only winner of this talk should be our relationship

Then I dropped some tears because how beautiful she said that and she hugged me very tightly then I told her about my problem and it and we figured out that she just didn't know that I needed it (stupid guys don't need affection stereotype)

She said that she will make sure I will be the most loved boyfriend in the universe and then we fallen asleep me on her chest and she stroking my head and kissing my forehead

I love her soooooooo much.


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