My Cap Fell Off My Truck Bed While Driving, Some Neighbor Kids Help Me Put It Back On

By C. Tacke • July 26, 2018

First I'll give a little back story. Today I was sanding the roof of my truck to bare metal so I could paint over it. I couldn't reach the entire roof from where I was positioned, so I decided to loosen the bolts holding the cap on the bed of my truck down so that I could slide it back. That would allow me to stand in the bed of the truck and reach the entire area of the roof that I wanted to sand. After finishing the sanding, I slid the cap back to the correct position on the bed, but I forgot to put the bolts on! Shortly thereafter I went for a drive to get some gas. As I was turning, I heard a loud scraping noise. I happened to look in my mirror and I saw the cap slide off the bed of the truck and fall into the grass beside the road. I heard some kids saying, "Are you okay?" behind me as I opened my car door. I said "Yeah, I'm fine." One of the kids then walked over and asked if I needed help. I said yes I did, so he helped me lift the cap back onto the bed of the truck (keep in mind this weighs over 100 pounds). If that kid wouldn't have helped me, I would be in some serious trouble with my parents!


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