He Fills My Days With Love And Encouragement

By Bonnie Lee Proulx • June 16, 2018

I awoke one morning this week, feeling sore and tired, after a week and a half of battling caterpillars that were trying to destroy our beautiful trees. Hours spent spraying the trees and then rinsing them afterwards, began to take it's toll on my spirits and my muscles.

This particular morning, I had decided that the caterpillars could not be vanquished, until I noticed this chalkboard message from my precious husband of 47 years.

The message said, " I heard the caterpillars talking last night, 3:30 a.m. They are almost ready to surrender. So keep up the good work." I turned the blackboard over and the message continued. It said, "You are a brave Warrior. Down with them."

I didn't think that I could love my husband more than I do now, as he is always leaving me wonderful messages of love and support. I guess that the heart is always growing.

With soap spray in hand, I proceeded to battle the invaders for another day. Then caterpillars are now gone and my trees are saved, except for the odd falling leaves, which will grow back this summer and it's all thanks to the cherished note from a man who is an amazing husband, father and grandfather.


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