How A Lifestyle Can Affect A Relationship

By Jhefdaily • June 15, 2018

A great lifestyle is a big contributor to improve your health or to your relationship. It should be the top of the list because we cannot think the right way if we are not healthy, we cannot perform our job well and become less effective in our respective responsibilities if we do not practice good lifestyle or perhaps a good habit. We cannot spend quality time to our love ones if we are sick, though it is inevitable sometimes that we can get sick. An observation in our generation today, all walks of life, regardless of age and gender, health is the most neglected aspect. It can even affect a relationship.

A certain man came to our clinic and wanted to include he’s son to be on the list to have it check by our specialist. I’ve noticed he’s son about early twenties, having tattoos on he’s arms and neck. So my impression was that this young guy is cool, but behind my head, why he was doing this on he’s body? Judging he’s appearance, he is sick. Obviously, he’s father is not in a good mood. I cannot draw he’s face even if I am an artist, but I am not. That was what I have observed to a troubled father.

So they went inside the clinic to see their doctor. In less than thirty minutes they came out with a facial expression that cannot be spelled. I know he’s son is in great trouble on he’s health. They are having conversations that suggest disappointments in a son and a father relationship. In this case, he’s son is involved in drug addiction, is involved in an unlikely sexual practices and having a contagious disease.

He’s parents were separated and didn’t have much having a happy family.

Sometimes, this unlikely habit can affect a relationship. Every parent’s burden is when their children choose a different path that leads them astray, in spite of their effort to impose proper discipline, or guiding them the right way. But sometimes, it is unfortunate to some parents who experience this kind of situation. We can extent our support to them.

To the young people who wanted to destroy themselves is by trying to damage their well-being, in a way, health will be put to danger. Parents would not allow taking something toxic to their children’s body like using prohibited drugs, alcoholic drinks, etc. Thus, a relationship will ruin. When we desire to change our lifestyle, let’s make it sure that it will not destroy our relationship, but rather improve it or make it better.


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