There Are Some Good People

By Zoe Starliite • June 3, 2018

So, in fifth grade, my backpack was stolen from my dad's car, which had my binder which had all my school stuff in it, and a few other valuables, like I used to and still like to write stories, and it had notebooks in it that I had stories in that I have been working on for quite a while. And when my dad had come and woken me up to tell me that his car was broken into and my backpack was stolen, I was devastated and crying for about a half an hour to an hour.

Then I decided to go to school with absolutely nothing.

My 5th grade teacher, Miss Taylor, was really sweet and kind to me and understanding, and she gave me an extra binder that she had, and to help personalize it, she got out a piece of paper, and started writing my name in a cool font, because she was really good at fonts. She then gave it to me and said "here, color it in", and I was devastated of her kindness.

But still to this day I haven't colored it in. But sometimes I still look at it and appreciate what she had done for me that day.

But here's something even better: later that same day, Miss Taylor had gotten a call from the office and when she had gotten off the phone, she had said exactly this: "Zoe, A miracle has happened! Someone found your binder!", And I zoomed down to the office, and got my binder. It was really stuffed full, because the person that had found it had stuffed all the other stuff that the robber had dumped out all the stuff in my backpack and just took my backpack, but that person had stuffed all that stuff inside of my binder.

When I opened it I saw all my stuff including an envelope. On the back of the envelope it they had written "I'm sorry all your stuff got stolen. but I hope this helps" and I opened the envelope and it had $20 in it, that the person that found all the stuff had put in the envelope so that I could buy more school stuff!

I just think that that was such a kind act!

So it turns out that there are lots of people out there that are kind, and can bring back faith and hope to humanity, and that teachers can make the best of the worst.

So if something bad happens and you ever feel down, just remember that, if life gives you lemons make lemonade, and remember that there are some good people out there in the world.


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