A Nice Story

By Hanna • April 16, 2018

When my best friend was 18 years old she had her quadriplegic uncle living with her, she was his care giver and they were best friends. After a couple years he passed and it was and still is very hard on her. One day we were driving downtown near the Jesus house where a lot of homeless people hangout. We saw this guy and stopped to give him a couple bucks, as we drove off she told me that his eyes and voice reminded her so much of her uncle. We were on our way to get her a tattoo but she asked me to turn around and go back. We found him and she explained to him about her uncle and how he reminded her of him and she started to sob uncontrollably, he sat there and hugged her and talked to her for a good awhile and as we were leaving my friend gave him a 100 dollars and we left and went home. It was crazy and awesome and I just thought I’d share.


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