Love Is Spirit Of Giving

By Sonia Kaur • April 16, 2018

Love means giving, giving and only giving without expectations like God's love, mother love, Sun's sunlight, fruits from tree, air to breath, water from sea. What we give them? Nothing, but still they give us. This is Love. Pure love.

Love binds everybody together. In family everybody live together just because of love. To whom we don't love we can't spend 1 minute with them because of lack of love. Friends remain friends because of love. People sacrifice their happiness just because of love. Love demands only sacrifices without expectation. The biggest example is God's love.

God gives us so many comforts. The most necessary is air to breath. Just imagine if there was no air then how long would we survive. We are here in this world for giving. By giving you will receive more and more and more. After receiving never stop giving because giving is a work we are given by God before our birth.

You know what is the difference between poor and rich. Rich always give and share their comforts and poor always takes. Giving is the shortcut way of being happy, rich and satisfied.

If you want to give from your heart then you need love. Love makes the habit of giving very beautiful. Look, when you love a tree then you will water it every day, food to birds and animals, service for mankind giving your time and attention to your elders and youngsters etc. I don't know whether I am right or wrong but I feel one must love first before giving. Stop being selfish sometimes and be selfless and try to love everybody and everything. So that you can get love in return because being loved is an awesome feeling.


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