A Busy Life Is Sometimes A Blessing

By Jhefdaily • April 2, 2018

Early that day, I was so busy caring for our patient's procedure that needed to be wrapped up while joggling from assisting our endoscopy nurse and our gastroenterologist, (they are specialist in small and large intestine of our body) to preparing the instruments before and after the procedure, as this is my task as an endoscopy technician.

This is one rip-roaring shift, but as my day nearly concluded my vibe was bursting with excitement to meet my playfellows; a routine I love doing after work to unwind with them, so as I inserted the key to our door knob to lock it and I was already outside our special area unit in the hospital, a woman suddenly came to me (I guess she is in her early fifties) brought a piece of paper, it was a doctor's prescription with my name on it, my enthusiasm fell in globules. (I am pretty sure that you had this experience and can definitely relate to me.) But, instead of being cheeky, (like others would probably do showing disappointment or impatience) I showed her a heartfelt smile and greeted her like it was just the start of my shift and she is my first patient that morning, received the piece of paper to check what was written in the prescription, found out it wasn't hers rather her husband's, and my name on it because the doctor wanted me to give the proper instruction on how to use the bowel preparation needed for her husband. The husband was scheduled for colonoscopy the following day. And so per protocol gave the instruction to the wife and went away. (Me? yea did miss the game).

I met her husband (our patient), built rapport with him and found out he was not an ordinary patient. In between talking with him and preparing his procedure, I ascertain the man was a judge! Wow! I can't believe it, we are providing care and assistance to a judge at once I became conscious of my moves. He was a very retiring, well-disposed and a good listener, our conversation was welcoming we connected instantly with each other, exchanging jokes.

The wife asked assistance for her husband's medication afterwards I went my way to meet up with my playmate for the game. The next time we met was during his colonoscopy procedure which went and we assisted him in filling out the papers needed by their insurance company. We have a good time with our judge/ patient; we concluded our furtherance by giving final instructions before discharging them.

We shook hands and took one's leave. I was alone in the division because our nurse went ahead of me. I have to stay because I need to clean the instrument before I leave, when suddenly, I heard a knock on the glass door, thinking it might somebody who would like to inquire of our services, I casually looked up as I turned my head towards the door, I was caught aback because my visitors were the judge and his wife waving at me. I nippily open the door and ask if they need more information or perhaps forgot something. “We've got everything we needed, can I come in?” The judge asked. I led them in; to my surprised they gave me a packed lunch and a bottle of pineapple juice because they knew I didn't have my lunch yet. I was heartened by our patient's kindness, a judge, and he thanked us for the services and the assistance we provided. I was really obliged of their kindness, we talked awhile and then they went their way. Now I was excited to eat my lunch because I was famished and together inside the packed lunch was a white paper roll, I wonder what it was. I was just thinking it's probably a receipt, but it's not. As I unroll it, my goodness!!!!!! It's 20 bucks. What a blessing amidst a very busy day. So in a flash I completed my work caught up with my buddies.

Life is many faceted. Its bits and pieces touch you even in your busy days. I need to relish my busy moment because if I won't improbable result will surely transpire. It could end up with a complaint or a free lunch. It's just a matter of thinking differently, like this judge, he became a blessing to me, he taught me a great lesson in life, to uncover yourself, your potentials and be jovial, to go an extra mile because at the end of the day the effort you give is a blessing you will receive.

P.S, oohh!! by the way, we've won 3 consecutive games after that incident…


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